Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Best Deals On Trophy Streamers

I have been looking for good deals on Kelly Galloup trophy type streamers. Most websites want $4-$6/fly which is understandable. The amount of materials it takes to tie these flies is extensive. $4 a fly is still too steep for me. Then I ran across this site.
The Fly Stop sells trophy streamers for $1.50. I was very skeptical. How good can these flies be for that price? Even with my skepticism I decided to get a few. The first thing I noticed was the service. I not only received a confirmation of my order with pictures of each fly but there was a personal message from the person who shipped the flies out. I replied back thinking my email was going to go to an automated mailbox. With in an hour I received another email from the person who filled my order. The company is located in San Diego, CA and the flies arrived in NC with in 3 days after being shipped. The package seemed very small and I thought maybe the flies weren't as big as they looked online. After opening the padded envelope and inspecting the flies I was impressed.
The quality of these flies is great. I don't even see how they can sell them for $1.50. Even the articulated streamers with fish skull heads were the same price. Inspecting them more and more I couldn't find any flaws in the workmanship. These didn't seem to be seconds or tied with lower grade material.
I'm very happy with all of the flies I purchased. If you're looking for trophy style streamers definitely check out The Fly Stop.


  1. This is insane!!! I just went there and couldn't help but purchase some of those flies out of fear I will never find that kind of deal, again. Haha

  2. They even have wholesale prices (by the dozen) and it's unbelievable! Sweatshop? haha

  3. Justin, I have no idea. Their service is great and like you I bought some just because the deals seemed amazing. I think the owner buys flies that are overstock from shops.

  4. My order was sent out this afternoon! Crazy I just ordered it this afternoon! haha I am tempted to purchase even more just because it seems like an outrageous deal to me. I may end up with a surplus and selling them cheaper than them hahaha.

  5. Let me know what you think. They have great deals on other stuff as well. Sunglasses, fly line, etc. I'm probably going to buy more flies to. I doubt these prices will last once the site gets popular.

    1. I will def let you know what I think once I get them in, and do a full inspection of them. They do have some decent deals on their other stuff, too. I did an extensive browse of their site when I got home from work yesterday. My flies should probably be here Friday.

  6. Dude, the flies are pretty legit! Such a great deal!

  7. Justin,

    The container they are shipped in is kind of goofey but the flies themselves are awesome.