Monday, October 1, 2012

A Little Secret

There's something a lot of fisherman know about but don't really share with each other. At least not until there is discussion about fly fishing apparel. This secret isn't about shirts, pants or nifty wading boots. It's actually about underwear. You see in NC in the summer it gets really hot and humid.  There's nothing worse than never really feeling like you ever get dry.  Also after a few days camping if you don't have the right clothing your pants or shorts can get a serious smell of crotch rot. Luckily there's a cure for this.

ExOfficio has a pair of boxers that breathe and dry super quickly. More importantly they reduce odor. The boxers are super comfortable and easy to wash. I'd say they are a must have if you do any fishing trips where you're in a boat or wading for an extended period of time. I wear them pretty much whenever I go fishing now. You'll find too many of your fishing friends already use these and figure you either know about them or they are too embarrassed to bring it up. Give these undies a try you won't be sorry.